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The Thomsons and Scott Bevan to share stage at The Exchange Hotel, Newcastle

"We always talked about playing together some day... and it's only taken us more than a decade."

Lakes Mail
David Stewart
14 Jun 2016, 12:16 p.m.


MORISSET folk duo The Thomsons will reunite with an old friend to share the stage for a gig at Newcastle this Friday night.

Solo musician Scott Bevan said his friendship with Scott and Jenny Thomson goes way back.

“We've known each other for more than 10 years, back when we all lived in Wangi,” Bevan told the Lakes Mail.

“We always talked about playing together some day... and it's only taken us more than a decade.”

Bevan and The Thomsons will share top billing in the gig at the Royal Exchange Hotel, on Bolton Street, from 8pm.

Bevan describes himself as “a new artist trapped in a middle-aged man’s body”.

The gig will showcase his new EP, My Old Self.

Bevan admits he has taken the long road to recording.  After playing in bands in Newcastle as a teenager and his early 20s, Bevan wandered off to tell stories with scripts and pictures, and by writing books.

Now he’s returned to his music with a passion.

While the new EP is a solo project, friends and former bandmates have helped out, including Steve Morton on drums, Peter Pihlak on bass and John Foreman playing piano.

On Friday night he’ll be playing stripped-down arrangements with just an acoustic guitar and voice.

The Thomsons are a contemporary folk/roots acoustic duo that specialise in original music that tells a story.

Their music is based on a personal, oblique perspective of the world.

Through the music of The Thomsons, be prepared to dust off your passport, add a few obscure visas, and meet a cast of characters, including a Texan diner waitress masquerading as the Statue of Liberty, a Central Asian small-time drug mule, a Bougainvillean boy in a maelstrom of anarchy, and reflect on the rhetoric of a post-apocalyptic world.

Be there as Singapore falls, hang out in a trendy Malaccan café with fellow life travellers, and take the road trip of a lifetime through West Bengal armed only with a Monkey God keychain.

The Thomsons have just released their second album, Chameleon.